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May 2018 Shotgun News

Happy Spring to everyone, it’s finally here, along with our spring All Around league.  Things are going well with a large compliment of both male and female participants.

Junior Shotgun is right around the corner and registration day is June 11th at the shotgun club at 5:30 pm. Registration fee is $5 and $5 to shoot 2 rounds and receive 2 boxes of shells. Then $5/week for the following 10 weeks.

Don’t forget that you must provide a Hunters Safety Certificate for each child at registration time.

Fortunately, a Hunters Safety Course is being offered in May, beginning May 3rd.  Please refer to your newsletter or contact the office for more info.  Without a Hunters Safety Certificate the youngster will have to wait until next year.


Special thanks to all our shotgun sub-club members that have volunteered and helped out with our various projects and desk workers that have stepped up to help make our sub-club successful for another season. Please continue with your generous time offerings and thoughts and ideas to improve our sub-club.


As always,

Stay Safe-Shoot Often,

Dan Valentini President

O.C.S.C. Shotgun Club