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The 2016 Winter Fun Shoot concluded on February 28. We had 29 rifle shooters and 10 tradegun
shooters over the nine weeks, averaging  17 shooters per week.  Along with the shooting, we held
competitions for knife & tomahawk throwing and fire-starting with flint and steel.  Winter temperatures
ranged from 4 degrees to 46 degrees.  

Many attendees bring food to share and the shooting event has also evolved into a cooking contest.  We
had some great food and lots of it!    Al Haynes was the winner this year.  Every week he brought in a
Dutch Oven full of fruit cobbler  --  made with a different fruit each time.   

Thanks to all who helped make it a safe and fun shoot.

Phil and Bill

Here are the results of the shooting competitions
Winners Rifle Tradegun

Week 1 Al Haynes Gary Bratton
Week 2 Bruce Petherbridge Craig Brown
Week 3 Bruce Petherbridge Bill Gruber
Week 4 Phil Durocher Gary Bratton
Week 5 Kerry Bush Bill Gruber
Week 6 Todd Dollarhite Tom Mercier
Week 7 Bruce Petherbridge Bill Gruber
Week 8 Kerry Bush Gary Bratton
Week 9 Brent Sheldon Gary Bratton


Winners Al Haynes Craig Brown
Junior Rifle Brandon Gilboe

The Annual Blanket Shoot/Bead Shoot took place April 3 and top shooter of the day was Steve Drinnon.
Rick Hamilton was the winner of both the 50/50 Knife and 50/50 Tomahawk Throwing events.