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Military Shoot Sept. 2 2016

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PPC 2015 2016 schedule

Thursday session:

Starts Thursday the 1st of October and runs till the last Thursday in April, (unless it falls on a holiday) from 6pm - !0pm

Monday session:

Starts Monday the 5th of October and runs till the last Monday in April, (unless it falls on a holiday)

from 9am - 12pm


The 7pm match is reserved for match participants only. You must purchase your targets ($4) before you occupy a firing position. This requires your scores to be turned in as a league score. If you decide not to turn your scores in, after shooting the match:

1.  You will receive a DNF (did not fire) report for the match, which will register as a "0" score, which will count in your average scores, potentially disqualifying you from awards.

2.  If your gun becomes disabled during the match, your score will not be used for the match.

($4.00 is in addition to the $5.00 range fee)




Bowling Pin Shooting Sunday Night

The DR Wilson Pistol and Rifle Club is hosting a 10 week Bowling Pin Shoot from 6pm to 10pm on Sunday nights.  Program coordinator Rob Bauer registers shooters and sets up lines for shooting in groups of four shooters. The goal is to clear the pins off the table in the shortest amount of time, with 15 seconds being the limit allowed. A shooter has a string of six separate opportunities to shoot. Other idle shooters set pins or time the shooters. A couple shooters are recording scores in the 4 and 5 second range,while others need the entire 15 seconds to knock all the pins off the table.


As all of the various sub clubs at OCSC, the bowing pin group is very friendly and supportive of shooters. Shooters are composed of all ages, females and men. Gun of choice is a semi auto and in .22 caliber only, or semi auto rifle up to 10 shot capacity (No Magnums) with ether open sights or scopes of various types and styles. The fee for shooting all event is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for guests. All are welcome and will be given a short course of fire and rules by the coordinator or his assistant. Come out Sundays, and try it, you'll like it. This 2016 10 week period begins February 7, 6:00pm and runs until April 10.