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  1. Applicant must have earned the DISTINGUISHED EXPERT AWARD  sponsored by the D. R. Wilson Junior Rifle Club and a current member in good standing of the D.R. Wilson Junior Rifle Club.
  2. The applicant is to submit their application during the second semester of their high school senior year in which they will graduate.
  3. Attach a copy of their high school transcript ending with the 1st semester of their senior year and with their GPA included.
  4. Attach a letter from their high school principal or counselor indicating the applicant will graduate and receive a diploma at the end of this school year.
  5. Attach a letter of acceptance or proof that the applicant has applied and accepted by an accredited post secondary college, university or an accredited training program.  If the applicant has not received an official reply of acceptance, attach a copy of the application of said institution and provide the D.R. Wilson president with the acceptance notification as soon as possible.  The actual scholarship funds will not be available until the applicant has been accepted and enrolled in the post secondary institution.
  6. Deadline for all applications and attachments must be no later than 9:00pm THE SECOND WEDNESDAY IN APRIL.  Applications can be mailed to the OCSC MAIN OFFICE POST MARKED NO LATER THAN THE SECOND WEDNESDAY OF APRIL.  Applicants may also present their applications to any D.R. Wilson officer by the date and time mentioned.
  7. A committee appointed by the D.R. Wilson president, will review the application(s) and forward the recipient's name to the D. R. Wilson's president for approval by the membership at the next regular D.R. Wilson membership meeting.  The committee's recommendation will be final.


10/14/2015                            Click here for applications