Junior Rifle Range Rules PDF Print E-mail
  1. All Shooters will be quiet and listen to all coaches when the coaches are addressing them in a group or individually.
  2. There is no horseplay or boisterous conduct permitted on the range or in the ready room.
  3. No one is allowed to bring their own firearms or ammunition without prior permission from one of the coaches.
  4. Safety glasses and hearing protection MUST be worn on the range.  It is suggested that shooters provide their own eye and ear protection.
  5. All rifles must have the bolts open and chambers checked for being empty prior to carrying any firearm anywhere on the range.  Each shooter is responsible for checking their own firearm.
  6. All carried or transported firearms on the range must be carried in "muzzle up" or "vertical position".  When carrying a rifle, no other equipment is to be carried simultaneously.
  7. No club firearm, club equipment, club ammunition, or fired shell casings may be removed from the range.
  8. When on the range in a firing position, all rifle muzzles must be pointed down range.
  9. When on the range in a firing position, there is NO handling of a rifle when anyone is down range or out in front of any of the shooting positions.
  10. Shooters will not load or shoot a firearm, and all firearms will have empty chamber indicators in place, until the coaches give the command that you may load your rifle.
  11. All shooters will immediately cease fire upon hearing the cease-fire command, regardless of who states it.
  12. All shooters will stay on their own position when firing and remain quiet when shooting is completed.
  13. All shooters will be responsible for returning any club equipment back to the carts.
  14. Coaches may need to assist shooters in getting into correct position.  Coaches will notify the shooter by placing their hand on the shooters shoulder and stating that they will be assisting them in getting into the correct position.